Making your money feel like  magic.

Elevate your finances and empower yourself with uncommon strategies.

So you can understand, make and keep more of your money.


The Authentic wealth advantage

Learn the step-by-step legal secrets of the ultra-wealthy that transformed my family’s finances, the same process thousands of others use to make money feel like it’s magic! (P.S. It’s not magic, it’s simple math. But don’t worry…there’s no mind-numbing math lessons here!)

Our uncommon strategies empower you to:

Get out of debt

Keep your money safe from market downturns

Enjoy guaranteed growth

Create money invisible to the IRS

Have immediate access to money

Take ownership of your financial future

Grow your wealth without taking additional risk or working harder

You're in the right place.

If you're here, you're likely open-minded,  welcoming transformation and knowledge to expand your already abundant life.

If your financial picture is comfortable, but doesn’t make you absolutely sparkle with joy, let’s expand what’s possible for you!

For years, I followed conventional financial rules, and my financial picture looked great on paper…

We were asset rich, but felt  cash poor, and truly wanted more freedom in living a lifestyle we loved.

When we lost a significant portion of our money in the market, we decided we were done following common, typical advice- the average kind that is peddled to the middle class.

We wanted more!

We wanted to build security for the future at the same time we traveled the world, living comfortably, enjoying life!

If you think you have to make a choice between living life to the fullest or stashing it all away for a future time, think again.

As my favorite Jason Mraz song says,
 “I want you to have it all!”

I teach high-achieving women and families easeful financial secrets that allow for more joy, control, and freedom with money. Let me show you how our family and thousands more have created financial fun and security all at the same time.

Let's create your abundant wealth

So you own your 6-figure+ biz. You and your hubby have spent all your time growing and scaling your successful business so you haven’t really addressed retirement or future plans yet.

Or maybe you have a retirement plan and have been putting every extra cent in there, just like you heard you were supposed to from a popular financial guru. You’re asset rich on paper, but feeling cash poor is a grind.

Maybe…you make REALLY good money, more than most people you know. You’re doing everything right- putting money away for kids’ future college, for retirement, staying out of debt, and paying cash. But at the end of every month you ask yourself, “where did all the money go?” You’re frustrated that you’re doing everything right, and still living paycheck-to-paycheck.

Perhaps…you’re an entrepreneur who created her own path, ditching the 9-5 and the typical financial planning that came with it. You naturally challenge the philosophies and strategies of the status quo. As you reflect on the past, you remember the feelings of contraction, worry, and dread in 2008-2009 and know someone, maybe a parent or a friend, who lost a whole lotta money in the market...losing everything in a financial system they didn’t control, and then they had to sadly and drastically adjust their life plan. You decided you don’t trust Wall Street and you don’t want to risk your entire future there. You won’t be put in a box with your finances, because life is fluid and changing and requires flexibility, control, with a secure foundation to expand and abundantly grow. As free and open-minded as you are, you also know money is essential to live a blessed and comfortable life.

So, you want to protect the wealth you’re quickly creating in your rapidly growing biz...

...and continue to grow it for the future. But do it in a way that you understand and control, and that really resonates with your aspirations.

Sound familiar?

Sound familiar?

You’re super smart – clearly! As evidenced by the success you’ve created for your clients, business, family, and life. But when it comes to your money...

there’s so much information out there, and so much advice, that you just feel overwhelmed and don’t know which expert to trust.

What you really want is a clear roadmap and a person in your corner to show you a strategy that you have confidence in, brings you peace, and actually works! You need someone who will empower YOU to understand, grow, and control your money.

We wanted more!

We wanted to build security for the future at the same time we traveled the world, living comfortably, enjoying life!

WE do things differently around here

We put YOU in control. We empower you with the financial education, resources, & personal mentorship you wish you had years ago...

…you’ll learn about the specialized accounts of the uber-rich, the 1%, that aren’t taught to the middle-class,

…that aren’t taught in typical financial conversations.

Non-conventional ideas that allow you to “opt-out” of the next market downturn because you have created Authentic Wealth that YOU control.

A financial path based on time-tested, sound strategies, beyond the typical advice and limited solutions that we’ve heard over and over.

Are you ready to...

Spend money

Get it back

Earn interest

Grow your wealth

Create an abundant future

Profit from guaranteed growth

Protect your $ from market downturns

Get out of debt

Have immediate access of your money

Enjoy tax benefits

Live a lifestyle you love

Take ownership of your financial future

Create a legacy for the people/causes you care for

If so, you're  in the right place.

If you believe Authentic Wealth is more than a huge pile of money that is often out of your control…

…it’s the ability to access your money and grow it at the same time,

…so you are able to travel, explore your passions, live in abundant health, and create magical experiences for you and the people you love,

…living a lifestyle you wake up grateful for every day,

…while knowing your financial foundation is secure and providing for your future,

…allowing you to express your significance through the financial legacy you’ve created to bless the people and causes you care deeply about…

I am  here to  empower you and your finances.


I’m Shalaree, but most everyone calls me shala.

I’ve always been the go-to gal in my circle of family and friends.

You know, the one you call up and say “hey, can you look over this contract? what does this mean? how much will it cost me? can you calculate that? which way will save me more money?”

…all the questions, I’ve been asked by my besties and loved ones looking for tips on money matters.

I've always loved money.

Way back in Junior High- you know when all the A-type kids are running for class office President. You know what I wanted to be (and was)? ...Treasurer.

I love counting crisp, hard cash. I dreamed of throwing piles of it in the air and dancing as it rained down like stardust. (Of course, I never did that at the finance office at school, although I SHOULD have!- could you imagine the looks from the office staff?!)

I’ve done all the standard financial advice you’ve probably cash, stay out of debt, invest in mutual funds, stash the rest of it in an account you don’t control until retirement.

My hubby and i paid cash for cars, vacations, and even rental investment property- EVERYTHING.

We put money in mutual funds that were supposed to get an average of 12% rate of return. (you’ve heard that common myth, right?)

HA- this is where I cry and laugh at the same time.

The reality is that we lost 25% of our money in mutual funds in less than a year.

I learned the hard way that  Average does not mean Actual.

(Side note: did you know you can earn a POSITIVE average rate of return and STILL LOSE MONEY? Not kidding.)

I listened to all the rules. I did all the
typical financial correctness.

But here’s the thing. My hubby and I, we didn’t like losing money- not one little bit.

(I still have a grudge for the one time I played nickel slots, and lost a whopping $2. If losing two dollars still plagues me, I’m guessing you can only imagine my despair of losing 25% of our money in the market!)

Even before the loss, we felt cash poor even while we were making great money.

We looked superb on paper (I had never met anyone with a higher credit score than ours), but we couldn’t live the lifestyle we really dreamed of because all our spare money was being put into funds that we didn’t have access to or control over.

We delayed going to Europe for 10 years, waiting for the  ";perfect time" to fit it into our financial plan.

After losing money in the markets, and watching other people lose even more, we decided we NEVER wanted to do that again.

And I went on a quest to elevate my finances and protect my family from average advice.

I discovered systems and strategies that challenged the status quo and went beyond conventional thinking.

Now my family travels to Europe for a new once-in-a-lifetime dream vacation every other year. The secrets I learned have transformed our lifestyle, our finances, and our future.

My greatest gift is to share that knowledge with you!

8 years ago, I learned the principles of the wealthy elite that help them stay that way. More importantly...

I discovered how to  stop the endless paycheck-to-paycheck pattern that can trap anyone at any income level.

I found my purpose and passion in helping other high-achieving women and families learn to build wealth, leave a legacy, and create a lifestyle of freedom and abundance!

I’m here for you, to help you live abundantly, so you don’t have to work harder or take additional risk to be in control of your financial lifestyle. Through education, planning, and personalized strategies,

Authentic Wealth has the solution you’ve been looking for!

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Grow your wealth and enjoy your lifestyle

Here's what it looks like to have the authentic wealth advantage

Eliminate 3rd party debt

Every payment you make to a bank or credit card is money that is leaving your account and making someone else rich. When your monthly payments begin to increase your cash flow, you feel giddy with freedom and security that you didn’t know is possible.

turn liabilities into assets

Depreciating assets (like cars) lose money, unless you can turn them into assets by creating a system so the payments increase your bottom line. We teach you how to bring that money back to you so you can use it to grow your wealth to create more money for the future, without working any harder or taking more risk.

maintain or regain control of your money

Tired of putting your money in a qualified plan and HOPE it’s there when you need it. I learned “hope” is not a very wise financial strategy. How much of your money do you actually have access to? How much is in an account you can’t touch or control for the next 10, 20, or 30 years? But I bet you probably have things you need money for right now. Am I right? I’ll show you how to create a money system that puts you in control right now. Create a powerful source of money that is available and accessible whenever you want, for whatever you want- no questions, no penalties, no fees or taxes. After all, it’s YOUR money!

Teach your $ to do multiple jobs

You probably have money for savings, money for car, money for insurance protection, money set aside for travel, some money to put in a place that it will grow and earn interest (like a CD), and maybe other money -if you are a go-getter- stashed away in a qualified retirement plan (401k, IRA). And if you aren’t comfortable risking it on Wall Street, there’s a good chance your money is sitting stagnant, collecting dust because you just don’t know what other options exist. What if you could get one dollar to do multiple jobs - like provide for purchases, protection, and growth all at the same time? THIS is true financial freedom, creating ease and flow in your money world!

Create $ invisible to the irs

One of your greatest expenses is - you guessed it- taxes. Most Americans will work 4 out of 12 months to pay taxes. How much of your money is in a tax free or tax advantaged environment? Every dollar that you can grow and use tax free is like creating extra income. This is a natural consequence of the Authentic Wealth system.

guaranteed growth

If you don’t like losing money, then you will appreciate the guaranteed growth built in to your personalized Authentic Wealth system, designed to protect you from inflation (that’s when stuff we buy gets more expensive all the dang time!). You learn to use age-old strategies that beat bank rates, and grow your money without the roller coaster of risky investing, protected against market crashes and real estate bubbles.

Want to see Authentic Wealth in action?

Right now, you’re probably depositing your money into a bank, right? And what does the bank do with your money? Do they paperclip it, stick on a post-it with your name, and lock it in a safe to collect dust? Heck no!

They loan out your deposited money to create an asset for themselves. While the bank is paying you a small percent if any, …THEY ARE KILLING IT on the money you deposit there! All your money is flowing through someone else’s bank. If you’re not benefiting financially from that,

Then  darling, it's time for a change.

The Authentic Wealth Advantage

What if YOU owned the banking system and function, and you got the profits? You can use the same time-tested asset as the banks do, and move your money the same way they do,

…by leveraging a specially designed dividend-paying whole life policy, that YOU own and is guaranteed to grow. You keep control of your money and become the bank!

If you think about it,
we finance everything we buy.

You’re probably familiar with the 2 most common ways to make a purchase.

Maybe you’re borrowing money from banks to finance things you buy… like your car, vacation, education, and house. Did you know that the average American spends more than 30% of their after-tax income on interest to finance their lifestyle? That’s a lotta money, honey! But what if you could use and keep that SAME MONEYto enrich your life?

Maybe you’re like me and paid cash for everything. When you pay cash to make a purchase, that money is now gone forever from your pocketbook…and you have given up the opportunity for that money to earn interest or work for you…ever again…forever.

Either way, whether you borrow from someone else or pay cash, the money is permanently leaving your family.

There’s a little-known 3rd way to make a purchase, and stay in control of your money while your money grows at guaranteed rates, safe from the ups and downs of the market.

As your own banker, you can still pay cash and earn interest at the same time, while reducing your taxes and increasing access to cash flow! The Authentic Wealth Advantage can help you multiply wealth and build a life of greater abundance, while creating a legacy for many generations to come.

You CAN have it ALL with your money when YOU are your own bank!

You can know what your future holds, beaming with confidence because you have a system in place that is just right for you- growing your money with guarantees and keeping your money where you know it will be there anytime you need it.

You will throw your hands in the air with GLEE, loving the freedom of having liquid cash, feeling absolutely free and secure.

You can relax on the beach, buy the airplane tickets, get the new car... without thinking about your bank account because you are ready for the “just in case” and “what ifs” …looking at a bright and affluent future. You feel like a financial superhero!

Imagine... being overjoyed that you don’t have to search for a financial strategy anymore, grateful to no longer feel the unease of wondering if you’re on the right path.

You finally found a system you trust. You no longer worry about losing money, or sleep, over a surprise drop in the markets. You don’t have a good day or a bad day based on a financial news report. You walk your dogs, listening to your audiobook, with a soft smile of peaceful contentment, because you are in control…your future is bright, your money is growing and safe.

You could not have imagined the absolute excitement you feel when you buy airline tickets to Greece or a new car, and realize that your financial position will be improved by doing both. It’s so liberating to know you don’t have to choose a lifestyle or a future, but that you can easily do both!

And you think to yourself... “How did I get so blessed to Do what I love, plan for the future, and get everything my little heart desires!”

If you’re raising your hand thinking YES SHALA YOU READ MY MIND AND I’M READY - what you can do is click below so that we can jump on the phone to make sure Authentic Wealth is right for you.


What my brilliant clients have to say about how I made a difference in their lives

Our financial future looks so much better now with your guidance and direction. Thank you for helping us get out of debt without working any harder. It is such a relief to us! Your service to our family has been like a bright light on a dark mountain top!

Darlene & Marco D, A&E Auto Repair

If I’d only known Shala 4 years ago when I first began my journey with this method, I’d be much farther along. I now not only have a much simpler plan to get where I want to go with my long-term wealth building plan, but I also have a trusted advisor I KNOW has my best interest at heart.

If you are wanting to learn the best way to implement your private banking system, then let Shala show you PRECISELY how to take full control of your financial future and feel 100% confident about it.

TW & Heather W, Location Independent Entrepreneurs

We recently did a bathroom remodel and I was able to borrow money from my own private banking policy to purchase supplies. I was so excited when I asked you how much money we had in our policy, and we had more than I needed! This really benefits my family- making our money grow and giving us real peace of mind. You have helped us so much Shala!

Carlie & Mike S, Entrepreneur & High School Teacher

Working with Shala has helped provide me with valuable perspective on how to become my own banker, stay debt-free, and have secure abundance for my financial future. Plus, she is a pleasure to work with and is as friendly as can be.

Nigel & Courtney F, US Marine

I didn’t want to risk my money, but I wanted to create a secure future for me and my girls. Shala has helped me do that!. I love that I can easily access my money anytime I need it while it keeps growing guaranteed. Thank you for giving me the knowledge and peace of mind to create a bright future.

Tonya H, Teacher, Gymnastics Coach, Mom

I know what you’re thinking. I hear it all the time…

You’re thinking this sounds too good to be true, right?

Give yourself permission to be curious.

Perhaps you are right here, at this exact moment, for a reason.

I know how it feels...

To want more control over your future,

The desire to protect your money and your family,

To want to KNOW you are doing the absolute best thing for the people you love most,

To feel like you have a road map… a plan of action you are truly confident in!

Inaction is the easy path. However, far worse is regret.

If you’ve read this far, there’s likely something about your money that you are unsatisfied or uneasy with.

If there’s even one area of your wealth that you want to elevate, I know there is so much more waiting for you.

If you take that first step, you can make your money feel like it’s magic using the same strategies that have transformed the finances of thousands of people and families, …just like yours.

This is your time.

xo - Shala


When we meet, I can help you decide if this is the right choice for you. And yes, this system can work for just about anyone at any income level. I have clients that start building their Authentic Wealth banking system with $1000 and clients that start building their system with $100,000.
While many people buy life insurance because maybe one day they will be married or have kids, there are a lot of advantages to buying permanent life insurance while you’re young. So many young entrepreneurs now have their own non-profit philanthropy, or feel deeply that contributing to a cause is part of their life’s purpose. Life insurance is an ideal way to give money to causes or people you care deeply about without paying tax. And if you use your life insurance now using the LIVING BENEFITS-for safely storing wealth, for big ticket purchases, you’ll be growing your money in a tax advantaged environment, increasing your cash flow to benefit you too. And of course, you can get much more insurance when young and healthy, creating more cash flow as your policy is older or “seasoned,” increasing the amount you will one day gift to the causes or people you care about. Additionally, if you get a policy while young and healthy, you prevent the possibility of being denied insurance if you have unexpected health complications later on.

Of course!  When we meet for your private wealth strategy session, I will guide and assist you so that you can decide the optimal amount for you to start with at this time. I will never tell you how much to start with. That is entirely up to you.

You can make deposit premiums into your policy on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual basis. It just depends on what fits your personal money habits best. It’s all about making YOUR money feel like magic.

No, you will never pay me directly for helping you start your Authentic Wealth policy. Much like your Allstate or State Farm agent, the companies I work with cover my compensation.

Click here to fill out the form to apply for a private strategy session. From there, we’ll set up a complimentary discovery call to explore what you want your money to provide most for you, if an Authentic Wealth Private Banking strategy is for you, and how we can best work together.