I always wanted my money to  do more.

And since you're reading this, you probably want more from your money, too.

hello darling!

I’m Shalaree, but most everyone calls me shala.

I’ve always been the go-to gal in my circle of family and friends. You know, the one you call up and say...

Hey, can you look over these documents?

What does this mean?

How much will it cost me?

Can you calculate that?

What way will save me more money?

…all the questions, I’ve been asked by my besties and loved ones looking for tips on money matters.

I’ve always loved money. Way back in Junior High, when all the A-type kids are running for class office President. You know what I wanted to be (and was)? ...Treasurer.

I love counting crisp, hard cash. I dreamed of throwing piles of it in the air and dancing as it rained down like stardust. (Of course, I never did that at the finance office at school, although I SHOULD have!- could you imagine the looks from the office staff?!)

Despite doing all the “right” things and playing by “the rules,” it didn’t give us the freedom with our lifestyle that we really desired.

We were asset rich, but felt cash poor

After losing money in the markets, and watching other people lose even more, we decided we NEVER wanted to do that again. We wanted more control, freedom, and security over our financial future!

And I went on a quest to elevate my finances and protect my family from average advice.

I played by the rules

Typical financial advice gave  someone else
control of  my money and my lifestyle.

I’ve done all the standard financial advice you’ve probably learned...pay cash, stay out of debt, invest in mutual funds, lock the rest of it in an account you don’t control until retirement.

We paid cash for cars, vacations, and even rental investment property- EVERYTHING.

We put money in mutual funds that were supposed to get an average of 12% rate of return. (you’ve heard that common myth, right?)

HA- this is where I cry and laugh at the same time.

The reality is that we lost 25% of our money in mutual funds in less than a year.

I learned the hard way that  Average does not mean Actual.

(Side note: did you know you can earn a POSITIVE average rate of return and STILL LOSE MONEY? Not kidding.)

I listened to all the rules. I did all the
typical financial correctness.

But here’s the thing. My hubby and I, we didn’t like losing money- not one little bit.

(I still have a grudge for the one time I played nickel slots, and lost a whopping $2. If losing two dollars still plagues me, I’m guessing you can only imagine my despair of losing 25% of our money in the market!)

Even before the loss, we felt cash poor even while we were making great money.

We looked superb on paper (I had never met anyone with a higher credit score than ours), but we couldn’t live the lifestyle we really dreamed of because all our spare money was being put into funds that we didn’t have access to or control over.

We delayed going to Europe for 10 years, waiting for the  ";perfect time" to fit it into our financial plan.

After losing money in the markets, and watching other people lose even more, we decided we NEVER wanted to do that again.

And I went on a quest to elevate my finances and protect my family from average advice.


I discovered how to make one dollar do multiple jobs. I no longer had to choose between enjoying my lifestyle now and saving for the future.

I discovered systems and strategies that challenged the status quo and went beyond conventional thinking.

Now my family travels to Europe for a new once-in-a-lifetime dream vacation every other year. The secrets I learned have transformed our lifestyle, our finances, and our future.

My greatest gift is to share that knowledge with you!

8 years ago, I learned the principles of the wealthy elite that help them stay that way. More importantly...

I discovered how to  stop the endless paycheck-to-paycheck pattern that can trap anyone at any income level.

I found my purpose and passion in helping other high-achieving women and families learn to build wealth, leave a legacy, and create a lifestyle of freedom and abundance!

I’m here for you, to help you live abundantly, so you don’t have to work harder or take additional risk to be in control of your financial lifestyle. Through education, planning, and personalized strategies,

Authentic Wealth has the solution you’ve been looking for!

Now is the time to start living the life you have always imagined.

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