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If your financial picture is comfortable, but doesn’t make you absolutely sparkle with joy let’s expand what’s possible for you!

For years, I followed conventional financial rules,
and our financial world looked great on paper.

We were asset rich, but felt cash poor

We truly desired more freedom in living a lifestyle we loved. When we lost a significant portion of our money in the market downturn, we decided we were done following common, typical advice -

the average kind that is peddled to the middle class.

Sound familiar?

Sound familiar?

We wanted to build security for the future at the same time we traveled the world, living comfortably, enjoying life!

If you think you have to make a choice between living life to the fullest or locking it all away for the future, think again. As my favorite Jason Mraz song says...

I want you to have it all.

WE do things differently around here

We put YOU in control. We empower you with the financial education, resources, & personal mentorship you wish you had years ago...

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A financial path based on time-tested, sound strategies, beyond the typical advice and limited solutions that we’ve heard over and over.

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Get out of debt

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become debt-free

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multiply your wealth

3 simple rules that will allow you to understand, make, and keep more of your money.


I’m Shalaree, but most everyone calls me shala.

I’ve done all the standard financial advice you’ve probably cash, stay out of debt, invest in mutual funds, and lock the rest of it in an account you don’t control until retirement.

My hubby and I paid cash for cars, vacations, and even rental investment property - everything.

Despite doing all the “right” things and playing by “the rules,” we lost a ton of money in the market. And even though we looked good on paper, it didn’t give us the freedom with our lifestyle that we really desired. We delayed going to Europe for 10 years, waiting for the “perfect time” to fit it into our financial plan.

We were asset rich, but felt cash poor

After losing money in the markets, and watching other people lose even more, we decided we NEVER wanted to do that again. We wanted more control, freedom, and security over our financial future!

And I went on a quest to elevate my finances and protect my family from average advice.


I discovered how to make one dollar do multiple jobs. I no longer had to choose between enjoying my lifestyle now or saving for the future.

I discovered systems and strategies that challenged the status quo and went beyond conventional thinking. Now my family travels to Europe for a new once-in-a-lifetime dream vacation every other year.

The secrets I learned have transformed our lifestyle, our finances, and our future.

If you are looking to...

*Opt-out* of the next market downturn,

Get a consistent high rate of return,

Enjoy easy access to money,

Or you just simply want tax-free growth...

you won’t want to miss this time-tested but little-known secret about how to use and spend your money.

My greatest gift is to share that knowledge with you!

Authentic Wealth Masterclass


What my brilliant clients have to say about how I made a difference in their lives

Our financial future looks so much better now with your guidance and direction. Thank you for helping us get out of debt without working any harder. It is such a relief to us! Your service to our family has been like a bright light on a dark mountain top!

Darlene & Marco D, A&E Auto Repair

If I’d only known Shala 4 years ago when I first began my journey with this method, I’d be much farther along. I now not only have a much simpler plan to get where I want to go with my long-term wealth building plan, but I also have a trusted advisor I KNOW has my best interest at heart.

If you are wanting to learn the best way to implement your private banking system, then let Shala show you PRECISELY how to take full control of your financial future and feel 100% confident about it.

TW & Heather W, Location Independent Entrepreneurs

We recently did a bathroom remodel and I was able to borrow money from my own private banking policy to purchase supplies. I was so excited when I asked you how much money we had in our policy, and we had more than I needed! This really benefits my family- making our money grow and giving us real peace of mind. You have helped us so much Shala!

Carlie & Mike S, Entrepreneur & High School Teacher

Working with Shala has helped provide me with valuable perspective on how to become my own banker, stay debt-free, and have secure abundance for my financial future. Plus, she is a pleasure to work with and is as friendly as can be.

Nigel & Courtney F, US Marine

I didn’t want to risk my money, but I wanted to create a secure future for me and my girls. Shala has helped me do that!. I love that I can easily access my money anytime I need it while it keeps growing guaranteed. Thank you for giving me the knowledge and peace of mind to create a bright future.

Tonya H, Teacher, Gymnastics Coach, Mom

I know what you're thinking.

You’re thinking ‘This sounds too good to be true,’ right?

Or, why haven’t you heard of this before?

Give yourself permission to be curious.

I discovered the Authentic Wealth method at the exact time that I needed it, so I could expand the freedom and control my family had over our money and future.

Perhaps you are right here, at this exact moment, for a reason.

I know how it feels to want more…

The desire to protect your money and your family,

To know that you are doing the absolute best thing for the people you love most,

To feel like you have a road map,

A plan of action you are truly confident in!

If you’ve read this far, there’s likely something about your money that you are unsatisfied or uneasy with, or you simply have a greater vision of what your financial future can be!

If there’s even one area of your wealth that you want to elevate, I know there is so much more waiting for you.

If you just take that first step, you can start to make your money feel like it’s magic using the same strategies that have transformed the finances of thousands of people and families…just like yours.