Your body has the ability to put itself in balance & regenerate when given the right combination of whole foods.

Easily absorbed balanced nutrients are vital for cellular renewal. 

Yang -

It is important to keep the inside of your body just as clean as the outside to maintain optimum health. Cleansing the body is a key to preventing physical malfunction.

5 Elements - BALANCE
Keeping the bodies 5 major systems in balance is necessary, just as the 5 elements keep the universe in harmony.
Ancient Health
Secrets 4 You!


The Philosophy of REGENERATION

Where did the "Philosophy of Regeneration" come from?

The Chinese have the distinction of having the world's longest on-going record of scientific inquiry, spanning a period of at least 5,000 years. Long ago the Chinese discovered that if we restore
harmony among all the systems of our bodies, they can and will balance themselves. As communication between our body systems is restored, we return to health. This is the "Philosophy of Regeneration".

To regenerate it was found the body must have whole foods to NOURISH, BALANCE and CLEANSE the body.

These concentrated products, approach health by using the right combinations of food to nourish and cleanse the body to keep the balance between yin and yang. Based on the Philosophy of Regeneration these products help to keep the five systems of the body in balance, just as the five elements keep the universe in harmony.

These concentrated herbal food and beverages contain no chemical additives, hormone or animal by-products or artificial sweeteners, colors or preservatives.

To learn more contact: Shala Lamboy

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